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E-Mail 4

This section discusses the different options in the e-mail section in cPanel

General 2

Answers to some general questions and problems.

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 Site not loading

Most likely problem is that server firewall blocked you, this can happen if you try to login to...

 FTP connection problem

If you are not able to connect to your host over FTP most likely problem is in FTP...

 How to add your e-mail to your mobile device or e-mail client

Many people get stuck when their trying to connect their e-mail accounts to their computer or...

 How to create no-reply e-mail address

Log into cPanel. In the Mail section, click Forwarders. Under Email Account Forwarders click...

 How to create e-mail

To create an email account: Log into cPanel. In the Mail section, click Email Accounts. In...